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Heart Mood Ring 18k gold + diamonds


Introducing the iconic moodring in 18k gold, with side diamonds, 0.18ct G VS.

The ring reacts to your body temperature which can change depending on you mood. When you are stressed the mood ring will turn a darker color. If you are happier or feeling passionate the stone will twist in another direction and start to change color as your body temperature increases. Therefore to some degree a mood ring can show your emotions. Mood Jewelry can’t tell your emotional state exactly but what they can do is provide you with a beautiful color changing ring; a guide to your mood and have a lot of fun deciding which ‘mood’ you are in.

Different mood, different color

Pink – very happy, affectionate, romantic
Purple - sensual, dreamer, in love
Dark Blue – calm, relaxed
Blue – relaxed, happy, peaceful
Green – active
Orange - nervous, unsettled
Brown – nervous, anxious
Black – cold temperature, stressed

Care instructions and warranty

Mood rings should be kept dry, keep it away from water and harsh chemicals. Remove jewelry when washing hands, showering or swimming.

Dropping your moodring can cause the stone to break.

We offer an exentsive warranty on the mood stone and up to two replacement stones free of charge should you damage your moodstone!

Every piece is handmade in Belgium, production time can take up to 14 days.

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